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About Pollux Chadstone

The Concept:

A world-class integrated & sustainable vertical lifestyle development

Live at the Centre of It All - This is our underlying vision behind the concept of Pollux Chadstone – an over 300.000 m2 world-class, sustainable vertical integrated development strategically located at the heart of Cikarang city.

— An Iconic Landmark

360 Lifestyle At The Heart Of Cikarang City

Envisioned as an integrated hub powered by future-proof sustainable building features and offering the best in lifestyle and residential living in the city, Pollux Chadstone is built to serve the unique and culturally diverse community of Cikarang as the city’s central landmark. Blending the very best of retail options and public space facilities with high quality and modern, living spaces, we have created a landmark destination that will elevate our community and the city.

Building for the people & our environment

Pollux Chadstone is developed to maximize its functional efficiency and making it more integral to community life. Our vertical integrated mixed-use concept mean our building and its facilities can fulfil multiple roles over their lifespan; lifestyle and office spaces in our development is no longer isolated from residential and other uses, and large facilities and spaces are no longer left empty during the evenings and weekends.

Our built environment also supports biodiversity through the use of bio-sourced materials and green landscaping, and facilities are designed to elevate the health and wellbeing of our building occupants.

Our vision for the real estate of tomorrow realized.

Pollux Chadstone represents our vision in using innovation to anticipate and create the city of tomorrow. We strive to pioneer solutions that respond to the evolving needs of all our stakeholders - from investors and occupiers, to individuals and institutions.

We build and realise ideas that are driven by your future.

Building sustainable developments of the future means focusing on future-proof modelling for our buildings, maximizing their lifecycle and usage efficiencies, and aligning its use case with the community and environment. Our mission for Pollux Chadstone is to build a future-proof, sustainable vertical lifestyle landmark that will serve Cikarang's community for generations.

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